How many things have you done 300 times?

You can guarantee that most things that come to mind are a habit of some sort or another.

This week, we’re incredibly proud to send out the 300th issue of GoSquared Weekly, marking the halfway point between James writing them and me writing them.

When we caught up a couple of weeks ago to talk about doing something different for the 300th issue, what stood out the most was the power of doing something 300 times, week-on-week, without fail.

When other work we’ve done fizzles out in the early days or hardly…

We are just coming to the end of the first few stages of working on our updated value proposition — knowing and growing your customer base — so this is a very timely issue to be writing. Now, whether you are ever truly ‘finished’ with your value proposition work is another question, and I’d make an argument that you probably never are done.

That said, there are major milestones in getting to your strong, high-converting value proposition. …

Photograph by Edoardo Busti

James peeled back the inexplicably sticky beige curtains to peer out at the hotel down the street. Its key-lime pie poured concrete walls had only the ocean to compete with and, from this angle, it was impossible to tell whether the colour of the ocean inspired the hotel, or the hotel inspired the sea. He didn’t need to see the hotel face-on to know that its doors were guarded by a symmetrical pair of pear trees, or that the bright orange staff uniforms shouldn’t have worked but somehow did.

There’s a noise as the once-white phone vibrates and jangles in…

Photo by Jonathan Cooper

For full disclosure, I am yet to be convinced that Jeff Bezos is a good human being. No individual should have so much money that they could singlehandedly solve multiple world issues while their employees struggle to pay for basic needs. This is not a celebration of his genius or character, far from it, what this teardown of his recent statement to the U.S House Committee is, is an attempt at explaining the power of this type of narrative structure and language. Once you see it, you’ll see it everywhere.

Marshall Ganz’s Public Narrative technique is incredibly influential and is…

Ethical business and social entrepreneurship are more important topics than ever, but how can you strike a harmonious balance between profit and responsibility?

Whilst working to set up an ethical business-rooted startup, I’ve lost track of the conversations I’ve had where someone decides to play devil’s advocate. “In the end, all companies are about profit. Why should businesses ‘give back’?”

My first reaction used to be to argue my own case, passionately. Increasingly, though, I question that logic. We need to understand that there’s more than one kind of value when we talk about companies, and it’s not always financial.

Beth Carter

Excited by writing stuff, reading everything, learning more, building things, and overthrowing the patriarchy.

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